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Orienteering 1 Orienteering in the peak district national park Orienteering 2 Staff training with hand held GPS Units orienteering-3 Orienteering in Derbyshire

Orienteering - Peak District and throught the UK

Orienteering is a sport that challenges both mind and body.  The aim is to navigate between control points, which are marked on a unique map.  Deciding which route to take in order to maximise the number of controls visited in the shortest time promotes strategic thinking and spontaneous decision making.

Within the smallest of teams 'keener' navigators will emerge to take on roles of practical leadership.  We organise our orienteering activities / events with this is mind.  By placing equal importance on group management and effective time keeping we factor in additional rolesof responsibility to keep all participants motivated and focussed on broader task.

We frequently use orienteering as the control thread on many of our adventurous events.  The control points visited may be team challenge tasks or clue locations.

Geo Cache
Geo caching is an outdoor sport in which participants use hand held GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers or markers called 'Geo caches'.

A typical 'Cache' may be a small waterprook container containing a logbook or trading items such as trinkets.  Geo Caching is often described as high tech treasure hunting, it shares many aspects of orienteering.  Geo Caching can easily be set up to support learning programmes at a location of your convenience.



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