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Abseiling: Peak District and Charity Fundraising

Abseiling was originally used as an improvised mountaineering technique for safeguarding sections of steep ground. Today abseiling remains an essential skill used by cavers, mountaineers and rock climbers for either exploration, continuation of a journey or accessing areas of relative safety.

Activity Leadership / Instruction
Abseiling is a classic high sensation, high thrill experience.  It is understandably very popular with our groups for these reasons.  Given time and terrain even the most apprehensive will come back for a second go.  This gives a very definitive indicator of improved confidence!

We use a variety of suitable locations including disused railway viaducts and abandoned quarries to minimise impact used on locations used for rock climbing.

We include abseiling in our development programmes because the activity challenges and stretches an individuals personal confidence - simutaneously they (participants) are willingly trusting and accepting support from others.  We strategically organise this activity to make effective use of time and share out key tasks for efficient operation.

Events and PR
Sponsored Abseil Events are very effective charity fundraisers.  We have vast experience in supplying staff and equipment to organisers of sponsored abseil events throughout the UK.

Abseiling has been a popular stunt with PR companies during product launches.  Acclimbatize staff have been involved in a number of high profile, high impact publicity stunts and Guerrilla marketing campaigns.



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