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Mountain Walking: UK Summer & Winter

Acclimbatize staff are available to support your UK and overseas mountain expeditions in any seasonal or climatic conditions. 
Members of our staff team are qualified Mountaineering Instructors and / or holders of the the International Mountain Leaders Carnet. 
We can supply qualified professionals to lead parties within the UK, on high altitude treks and on mountainous expeditions worldwide.


The benefits of expeditioning are comprehensively documented - personal discovery, self-reliance, perseverance, broadened horizons, commitment, teamwork, leadership and judgement are to mention just a few of the more obvious personal rewards.  For many, even the most simple of expeditions can become a critical milestone in their development.  For others, these endeavours may be a starting point of a lifetime spent actively pursuing more adventurous challenges.

Bespoke Mountain Training
We offer training in many aspects of mountaineering.  Skills courses are structured around your learning objectives taking into account any pre existing skills.

Skills for the Hills
This two day course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to stride out into wilderness areas of Britain, independantly or as a valued member of a small team.  This course covers personal equipment, weather for hill walkers, route planning, navigation, hazards and emergency procedures.  The majority of the course will be spent outdoors in wilderness terrain, the navigational training includes use of grid references, conventional signs, measuring distance, interpretation of contours and identification or topographical features.

Students will be coached in the use of a compass to aid navigation in poor visability and in conditions of darkness.  Environmental awareness will be a continuing thread that runs through the duration of this course.

Remote Supervision
Striking the right balance between independence and safety can be a difficult judgement call even with a recognised qualification!  How do you determine what is an appropriate level of supervision?  Why not talk to us about remote support for your expedition.  We would be happy to help with risk assessments, identification of hazards, technical skills input, isolating difficult navigational decisions and a range of other methods to ensure your expedition gets off on the good foot.




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