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Adventure Challenge Day
'Mixed Bag' adventure days are built around short experiential bursts of activity. Ideal for groups who want a free flowing action packed day out without being locked into a formal activity session.

Typically participants will move (in teams) around a sequence of pre positioned activities on a carousel of challenges. The activities we include will be determined by the geographic location of the event / journey.

A typical Mixed Bag day would give the opportunity to sample Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Problem Solving, a Tyrolean traverse (Ariel rope bridge) some orienteering or the use of an hand held GPS.

We glue these events together by either:
A point scoring system to give the day a competitive edge or
by wrapping a team building scenario around the event to accomplish a sense of unity.

These events work brilliantly for larger groups, the diversity of tasks and challenges will maintain high levels of motivation and provide leadership opportunities for most personality types.

We operate a ‘Challenge by Choice’ policy and take care to strategically factor in roles on all adventurous activities which allow the group to plan and organise themselves around their strengths as well as any fears and phobias present within the team.



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Childrens adventure activity parties. Birthday Boy / Girl goes free

Childrens Activity Party

Stag or Hen goes free when you book 6 places or more.

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