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caving-1 expedition caving in Slovenia caving-2 potholing and caving in the peak district national park Caving in Peak Cavern - Derbyshire Cave caving-3 underground in the peak district caving-4 vertical caving, Giants Hole in the Derbyshire Peak District Caving in Giants hole caving-5 Underground on the Island of Majorca caving-6 Caving group in the Yorkshire Dales Descent into P8 Jackpot cave Derbyshire caving-7 Easy caving for beginners caving-8 extreme caving for groups - taken in Peak Cavern Derbyshire caving-9 Delicate cave formations in the Yorkshire Dales National Park caving-10 descending deep underground in the peak district caving-11 Negotiating the 'Mucky Ducks' in Peak Cavern Derbyshire caving-12 Emma Harper using single rope techniques in Eldon Hole, Derbyshire Caving13 - Cave Formations in DerbyShire caving 14 Derbyshire caving experience deep inpeak cavern

Caving / Potholing: Peak District, UK, Overseas

"It's rough, it's tough its the real thing".
The Peak District Regionof Derbyshire has a diverse range of caving and mining possibilities providing suitable options for client groups of all ages and abilities.
Our privileged access arrangements to some underground venues and our  levels of expertise mean caving experiences with us can rarely be replicated.
Acclimbatize Instructors and Leaders are trained to impart geological,historical and environmental information that aims to bring this fascinating environment to life.
Derbyshire benefits from a rich history of metal and stone mining, join us and step back in time to understand how the Peak District played a crucial role in the industrial revolution. 

Developmental Caving Instruction
Caving provides a very powerful group experience in which participants can work co-operatively in an environment, which may be physically or emotionally challenging.
Individuals will often implement team decisions in response to changing circumstances.
The activity provides genuine opportunities for people to take on leadership roles and achieve personal success.
Key Learning: Safety Instructions, Team Work, Decision Making, Leadership Opportunities, Assisting Others, Environment     

Group Leadership: Introductory Caving Trips
(Level 1)Typically introductory caving trips will take place in underground cave systems which are predominantly horizontal in their nature.
Our usual formula for delivery is to begin the day with a look at guides and surveys. Prior to setting off underground, we equip you with helmets, lighting, oversuits and boots.
You will then explore a variety of subterranean cave passages under expert instruction.
Our instructional staff will bring the underground environment to life by imparting information about the structure of limestone, the origin of caves (formation and development), how the caves were discovered and subsequently explored. Most cave leaders seem to have a natural leaning towards story telling which can add a 'further dimension' to your underground experience!

Group Leadership: Intermediate Caving Trips
(Level 2) Still suitable for beginners so called 'Level 2' indicates that caves will have vertical sections.
These vertical sections of cave are negotiated by a variety of more advanced caving techniques such as abseiling during descent and by rope (lifeline) protected ladder climbing when returning to the surface.
Vertical caving offers a superb variety of adventurous underground challenges. These caving trips usually take a full day in duration and may be more physically committing.
Appropriate technical skills training may be completed above ground before venturing into the cave system.

Guidance: Classic Caving - Derbyshire and Yorkshire
We offer ambitious cavers the opportunity to join us in exploring some of the biggest, deepest and best caves in the country.
We visit many classic systems, which may otherwise be beyond the present scope of our clients for logistical or technical reasons. Some previous vertical caving is necessary.

Training Courses for Cavers
We offer tailor made courses for indivuals and groups / clubs structured around your specific areas of interest. 
Popular topics include: 
Personal Equipment, Weather and Flooding, Survey and Topo Interpretation, Underground Hazard Awareness, Pitch Rigging for Ladders and SRT, Single Rope Technique (SRT) courses, Vertical Rescue Techniques & Self Rescue Training Courses. 

We also offer Expedition skills training for teams of cavers venturing overseas into more remote 'Alpine style caves'.

Caving Qualifications and Leadership Development
Approved by the National Governing Body of Caving (British Caving Association) to provide training and assessment in all 6 modules of the local cave and mine leader award scheme. 
This scheme is for keen suitably experienced cavers wishing to gain a recognised qualification to lead novice parties underground. 
The awards will satisfy the requirments of employing organisations and the Adventure Activities Licensing Scheme.


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