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Abseiling Events

Acclimbatize have a wealth of experience in the organisation and delivery of charity / sponsored abseil events.
To help you through the process we have included a list of   


Choosing the Venue

1.1 Agree access to your Venue and set a firm date, the venue will usually  need an inspection visit if in a city centre or other man made structure.
The purpose of the inspection visit is to determine where and how safety systems can be attached to the structure in order to facilitate the event effectively and efficiently 

1.2 This inspection visit may be used as a photo opportunity (Public relations exercise). By involving the local press you gain free advertising & raise awareness of your cause / chosen charity and your event.

1.3 A fee for the inspection visit is built in to the overall costing.

1.4 Acclimbatize has access to a 90’ disused railway viaduct in Derbyshire should you have difficulty in accessing a location


Promoting / Recruiting

2.1 Promoting the event. This can be done internally for larger organisations through email, message boards, social clubs etc.

2.2 Events being opened to the wider public benefit from a co-ordinated PR campaign run in good time before the day. (Posters, local radio, local press, social networks, support groups)

2.3 In order to encourage as many participants as possible we recommend the amount raised by an individual is affordable. Some members of the public may wish to participate but may not have the time to gain sponsorship.

2.4 You may pick up passing trade from spectators on the day of the event raising more money & more funds if capacity has not been achieved through your marketing campaign.


Final numbers & staffing

3.1 At an agreed date before the event (usually 14 days) we will require your approximate number of participants.

3.2 This figure will reflect the number of staff we employ to deliver and manage the event.

3.3 Timings: as a bench mark 1 abseiler takes 5 minutes approx. This will be effected by many factors – Height of building, weather conditions, personal confidence etc.

3.4 Safe working capacity is 70 people per rope per day. 

3.5 We recommend a second rope to run simultaneously for any event with numbers expected to go even close to this figure .

3.6 We recommend no event should exceed 160 participants unless multiple take off points are available. 

Some locations will naturally lend themselves to more abseil stations, on some buildings we have run 4 ropes simultaneously, other locations sadly will not.


Staff Deployment

4.1 Our staff will be split as follows

1 x staff to issue equipment and demonstrate & train using practice rope.

1 x staff face to face for the main Abseil.

1 x Staff as ground crew to check safe landing and retrieve equipment making sure it is recycled to start position.

4.1A We will be happy to train helpers from your organisations to take on less specialist roles in order to cut down on cost.  (Ground crew & equipment issue)

4.2 For smaller events of up to 24 people a single member of staff may facilitate the whole group. This will be discussed (staffing) at the final numbers stage.

Help from event organisers

5.1 Events run much more smoothly when the event organiser/s allocates each individual participant a number & time window.

This works as follows Participants 1 – 10 from 9am to 10am then 11 to 20 from 10am to 11am and so on. This saves gridlock and long periods of waiting for participants.

Inclement weather or wind are also factors to consider when having people stood waiting for their go on exposed roof tops.

The timings above are examples for a 1-rope abseil event, therefore 2 ropes twice the number per hour.

5.2 Event organisers should respect that they need to build in a realistic break for the facilitating staff to take a break and change roles. This also helps to keep minds alert.



6.1Fees will be agreed based on the number of staff required to run the event and not on the amount of money raised.

6.2 Payment must be made within 14 days of invoice and preferably before the event.

Safety, qualifications & Insurance’s

7.1 All equipment will be provided by the event facilitator (us) and is to the UIAA (Union of International Alpine Associations) approved standard. Our equipment is of an excellent standard.

7.2 All staff will be qualified to at least the minimum standards as laid down by the National Governing Bodies for either Mountaineering or Caving.

The event co-ordinator will be qualified to a higher standard.

7.3 Public liability insurance cover to £5,000,000 is in place.

7.4 Employers Liability of £10, 000,000 is also in place by the provider / facilitator.

7.5 All supporting paperwork is available to the event organiser.


Younger Participants

8.1 Persons under the age of 18 may participate as we hold an AALA licence (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority) which is now required by law for providers of adventurous activities dealing with minors.



9.1 Event organisers may wish to consider the sale of tea & coffee and a photographer to raise additional funds.

9.2 Some event organisers have printed 'T' Shirts to celebrate the achievement of the participants.


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